Lance energy’s mobile filtration unit cleans water at the Molecular level.

Lance-energy services was founded by veterans of the oil and gas industry with years of experience in FRAC technology and oil and gas service; upstream and downstream safety equipment; as well as material transportation and waste management.  We’ve teamed up with cutting edge engineering developers to bring to you this revolutionary mobile filtration unit that cleans water at the molecular level.

Storing, transporting, and disposing of the water used in fracking creates numerous complications for operators.  Our mobile water treatment unit is the answer to those problems.  This unit has the capacity to filter from 2,500bbl/day - 10,000 bbl/day at the molecular level, leaving clean and usable water. as well as reclaiming oil traditionally disposed of.

Our mobile water treatment unit consists of a fully integrated self-powered machine.  This unit can be deployed and ready to work at the job site within just a couple of hours.

With our unit on site, your FRAC project will have the capacity of recycling the water used, so less total water is needed. The use of our unit puts an end to deep well disposal and eliminates the use of trucks for waste water. On top of making your job a simpler one, you’ll be greatly reducing your environmental impact as well.